Saturday, June 30, 2012

OOC post

I am giving up on roleplaying Tenma. Since there’s two Tenmas around I don’t think there’s a need for this one, who’s not even serious in the first place. Plus, there are other Monster characters that need more love. 

If you have any question for Tenma, please ask here . 

I’m not going to answer the ones I have on my message box, I’m sorry.

Friday, June 29, 2012

drifting-monster said: Mostly, I stay at home these days. [smile] Of course your older self has been kind to me. He is kind to everyone, just like you... But he is less trusting. I think it's for the best, personally. For you, though... I want you to stay just like you are -- innocent and naive to anything sinister. What do you want your life to be like? Do you want to continue working at the hospital? Get married? Have children...?

I want to continue working at the Hospital. My patients need me… maybe I should marry someone, I don’t know. Or plan a small trip to Japan. It’s been a long time. 

I’m very happy with the life I’m leading right now by the way. There’s hardly anything I want to change… How about you?  

drifting-monster said: No, I'm not in school at the moment. There is so much you don't know about me, it makes me sad. Your older self and I have bonded so well.

Then are you working?! … Or are you just at home? It’s okay. I understand. 

You’re right, we need to talk more! I’m so happy you’re friends with my older self though. Has he been kind to you ? [smile]

drifting-monster said: I'll talk to you when you're lonely, Doctor Tenma. You don't need to go on degrading blind dates.

Thanks, Johan, that’s really nice of you. And those dates are not degrading! They can be quite fun. It’s just that sometimes I have to go back to the Hospital… and I feel a bit bad to leave in the middle of a dinner. 

Anyway, how’s school going for you? You’re still in school, right? 



Inkblot #147
Instructions: Tell me what you see.

A smiling face, with a wound in the middle of its head.It has a weird mouth, though…

Two people smiling and touching noses?



Inkblot #147

Instructions: Tell me what you see.


A smiling face, with a wound in the middle of its head.
It has a weird mouth, though…

Two people smiling and touching noses?

toongal said: Well, problem is that other people seem to be able to do things both quickly and accurately. It makes me feel inferior. And I'm valuable just for being alive? I knew you'd say something like that. But why does being alive make me valuable?

You’re not inferior.

Yes, you are valuable. Because you’re human. We all came to this world to love and be loved.

That’s all there is to it. In the grand scheme of things, money, status… they don’t matter. We’re all made of the same flesh and bone so why must we be different from each other? 

gideongaye said: Dr. Tenma, might you know or know of a Kaoru Nishimi?

No…? Why?  [Mm… That’s a Japanese name.]

johanrapper-deactivated20130224 said: I hate when I have amazing dreams and I forget 3/4 of them.

I know exactly what you’re talking about! I once had this most amazing incredible dream where I found out the formula to create a bag with an infinite amount of cookies and it revolved around messing up with quantum physics… but then I woke up! And I didn’t remember the formula anymore. 

I spent the whole day depressed. 

toongal said: For once, I think you're wrong Dr. Tenma. Intelligence isn't a myth. While hard work can get you far, there are people who are simply smarter than others. The thing is...I need a reason to think that I'm valuable. Hard work just doesn't cut it. I want something that is intrinsic to me. Furthermore, I understand things just as well as anyone else, perhaps even more. It's just that everyone else seems to work faster than I do and that makes me think there's something wrong with me...

Smarter than others? No, it’s not that simple. I know people who trained to have amazing memory skills and were successful. One of them even used to do poorly at school. It all comes down to the methods you use to memorize… but this is a highly controversial subject, isn’t it? So I will not derail our conversation… 

You don’t need to search for a reason… Just for being alive, you’re already valuable and precious.  There’s nothing wrong with you and I don’t see anything bad in taking your time to do things!!

It seems you’re slow because you’re a perfectionist, yes? You want to make everything right. These are normal feelings to have. Maybe others are faster because they do things more care-freely while you’re more serious about it. 

wolfgang-grimmer-deactivated201 said: Aw, Doktor. It's okay sometimes have an "accident". I used to wet the bed all the time, even when I got older! Uh, I don't do it anymore, though. /Not very often, anyway. >_>;/

… for you it’s normal, you underwent huge psychological trauma and stress. 

I used to wet myself when I was a little kid, especially when I got scared to death. Almost never as an adult, there were just a few rare occasions… once I was holding so hard to not go to the bathroom that I leaked a little.